Australian Action Movie Gets Good Reviews

A recently released Australian action movie has received good reviews. Tomorrow When The War Began is a young adult movie about a group of teenagers who leave for a camping trip while on school holidays. While they are away they notice a lot of planes flying overhead but aren’t too concerned about it as the annual Commemorative Day festivities are on back home so think the planes have something to do with that.

When they arrive back home from their trip they are in for a shock. Their homes are deserted, their families nowhere to be found, some of their animals are dead, and they contact the outside world on their phones as there is no reception.

They decide to head into town that night to uncover what’s going on. They are shocked to discover the main street buildings are half standing, armed soldiers are patrolling the streets, and their family and most of the rural visit:- community of Wirrawee is being held captive at the showground.

Deciding that they have to do something to stop the enemy force that’s invaded their country the group decide to form a guerrilla army group and do what they can to obstruct the stronghold the soldiers have over the town.

There are plenty of action sequences showing how they do just that, with many a moment in the movie having you sitting on the edge of your seat. The young actors in the movie do a credible job playing the teens under threat and fighting back with some ingenious schemes

The movie is based on the book of the same title that was written by acclaimed Australian writer, John Marsden in 1993. It is one in a series of seven books in the Tomorrow series that are very well loved by young adult readers; the reading audience they were written for.

It has been a long time coming for the first book in the series – Tomorrow When The War Began – to be made into a movie. Fans of the book have been voting with their feet as they turn up in droves to watch the movie that was produced from one of their favorite books.

Stuart Beattie is the screen writer who weaved his magic of adapting the book to the big screen and if box office takings are anything to go by, movie goers are enjoying his movie adaption of the book.

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