Disinfectors: The Best Way

Washers/disinfectors represent a technology that brought about great changes in disinfecting dental instruments. There are many types of medical washers/disinfectors available in the market which includes ultrasonic, disinfectors, pasteurizers and steriliser /washers etc.

Washers/disinfectors come with many handy features and functions that allow dental organisations to offer their patients the best possible quality health care.

This innovative decontamination equipment ensures that dental organisations clean, disinfect and dry instruments to the highest standards. Washers/disinfectors decontaminate dental devices through the normal cleaning process and they also make use of heat disinfection method where the water temperature is elevated almost to boiling point.

The most useful feature of washers/disinfectors is the higher flow of water. The washers disinfectors massive flow of water gets sprayed on all items kept for cleaning inside the device ensuring total disinfection.

While using washers/ disinfectors for the decontamination process a technician needs to take many things into consideration. This high impact sanitisation device disinfects dental instruments at lower temperatures. The water flow inside the device should be kept at a lower temperature as temperatures higher than +45°C (+113°F) can cause protein coagulation during the flushing stage. Studies indicate that protein coagulation may make further cleaning or decontamination difficult.

Another fact a technician needs to take into consideration is the use of detergents. It is recommended that enzyme detergents are used in washers/disinfectors to ensure complete decontamination of dental devices. The disinfection capacity does not depend solely on the temperature. Dental devices should be kept inside washers/disinfectors long enough to ensure complete decontamination.

When buying washers/disinfectors for your dental organisation make sure that you buy one from a supplier who offers washers/disinfectors that are compliant to the latest HTM 05 standards and have multifunctional disinfection features.

Effective decontamination of instruments is the key to infection control in dentistry. In order to ensure patients get quality healthcare services prescribed by the latest HTM regulations, every dental organisation should be making use of high impact sterilising equipment such as washers/disinfectors.


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