How to create animations that blow you mind

Motion graphics and animation services are now being used not just in the film industry but in the corporate sector as a tool for communication in a variety of ways. The best e learning animation companies in India use many software tools to bring the characters to life to make the content visually appealing and engaging.


But none of the best e learning animation companies in India will tell you to rush the process, however tempting may be that idea. When we get an idea we just want to start the process of animation creation as soon as possible but there are a lot of secondary actions required before it. The first is to understand your audience and create content suitable for them. Even in a corporate presentation, styles and audiences vary greatly and a proper staging and timing of the content with a perfect follow through is required to make any animation compelling.


Any motion graphics and animation services will start with a narrative or a script that contains all the camera angles and zoom and the details of the stage when they start. The second step is to create several sketches of the characters to be used whether real life or even inanimate. They should be drawn in various poses to provide an idea of how they will look when animated. These character sheets will help formalise the entire process while also being used as a ready reference point later on in the process.


Things to keep in mind during this stage are to not animate every single object here or to even move them across. This stage is only to provide an idea of how the entire thing shall function when finished and one should not waste too much time, detailing the perfect features and colours at this stage. Keeping it simple works best.


Planning is the most crucial thing for an animation, whether with a single scene or several different ones. The backgrounds, the characters, the requirements of the scene as well as the music, intonation and vocal nuances of the artists need to be kept in mind. Remember not to create too long animations as the user usually has a short attention span. Shorter bits of animations are much easily remembered by the user.


At this stage a visual storyboard is usually created by most of the motion graphics and animation services teams to detail out each frame and finalise them before moving ahead. Position the objects that you intend to use at the end of the animation before you apply the animation. This will provide a much better animation flow.


Discipline to follow this storyboard is required while sticking to each stage of the project plan according to the stages of the animation. Sticking to a deadline is most important for every member of the team to ensure that the project gets completed as planned. Any of the best e learning animation companies in India will stress on this stage while also keeping some leeway in terms of time, just in case there is anything that still gets overlooked.

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