How To Go To USA On L-2 Visa?

With numerous work visas that are provided by the US Citizenship and Immigration service (USCIS), L-1 visa holders that are on intra-company transfer to US are allowed to bring their family comprising of spouse and minor children to US as long as the L-1 visa holds valid. The spouse and children come to US on the L-2 visa which gives the spouse legal authorization to work in US after getting Employment Authorization Document (EAD) approved by the USCIS. The tenure of the L-2 visa is completely linked to the L-1 visa that has been granted but neither of these is for over 7 years.

If your spouse has been granted the L-1 visa, you and your children are free to join him or her in US and are entitled to study and work there. However, minor children below the age of 21 years that can accompany the primary L-1 visa holder are only entitled to study in US school and universities but the spouse of the L-1 holder is allowed to study and work legally on the L-2 visa. But before you can join your spouse in US, you will be required to complete the documentation and have to clear the interview before the L-2 visa is granted.

In case you are unable to complete the documentation or are not sure about the paperwork that is needed, you can avail the services of a visa assistance immigration lawyer to help you do the needful. Though there are many documents that might be required, you have to show that you have strong ties with your homeland which are based on owning property, family bonds such as dependent parents and home loans or other loans that display reasons to come back after the visa expires. Schengen Visa

Some of the documents that you need to have while filing for the L-2 visa include the copy of the L-1 visa and the visa holder’s passport. Other documents are color photographs as per specifics issued by USCIS, original marriage certificate and documented photographs that prove that the marriage took place, birth certificates of the children that are below the age of 14 years, the visa application and insurance fee receipt. From opening a bank account, getting a driver’s license and unlimited travel is possible on the visa.

The advantage of going to US on the L-2 visa is that as the dependent spouse you have the option of traveling in and out of US as many times as you like, employment authorization and chance to study legally in US. You can only renew the L-2 visa within US but before the visa expires, you have to be in the home country while you are given the new visa. It is not possible to enter or exit US on an expired visa and usually the new visa can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending upon the number of applications that are to be processed by the USCIS.

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