Mind Control – Add This Tool To Improve Golf Game

All golfers are happy. Are you? Do you truly have mind control over your game of golf? A happy golfer is that person who is continually practicing and playing golf with a good attitude and has an awareness of both his mental and physical game.

Are you able to maintain your physical golf game and back it up with a good mental attitude and mental thinking to control your golf game?

If your mind control is present when playing golf you have learned the secret to controlling your physical golf game.

Knowledge of golf techniques is very important. Choices Hack Practicing is essential and above all else mind control. You will need to be mentally and emotionally ready to engage a practiced golf club swing to have the club face hit the sweet spot and land the ball in the targeted hole.

Think about this:

  1. A parachute jumper does not jump from a plane until his mind is set and ready to do so.
  2. A diver does not plunge from a 60 foot high rail into a body of water until mentally ready.
  3. A ballerina does not perform unless well rehearsed.
  4. A lion tamer does not enter the lion’s cage until he has his mental wits.
  5. A race car driver enters his vehicle mentally ready to drive high speeds.

You have rehearsed your golf swing, your technique has been refined, and with the help of your coach miscellaneous errors have been corrected.

You have analyzed and felt every muscle throughout your body as it performs the golf swing. You are focused and have felt the impact of the golf ball in the palm of your hand.

  • The mental golf game is in play as you leave the practice range warm up.
  • Confidently approach your golf bag with a clear and focused mind,
  • take your stance on the tee,
  • grip your golf club,
  • swing,
  • hit the ball on its sweet spot,
  • pose,
  • and smile as you land the ball into the targeted hole.
  • Compliment your success.

When your swing is in play it is so swift you do not have time to think or analyze. At this point all is about your instinctive reactions with brain and body memories which were indoctrinated at practice.

Athletes from football to stage entertainers recall a state of euphoria when in the moment of peak performance. This is the pleasure center which ignites our passion for our interest. This pleasurable mental state becomes our obsession.

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