Professional Resume Writers – Real No Bull Facts – Pros & Cons of Using an Executive Resume Service?

You’re going to love this…There are actually no cons…read on.

The importance of having a well written resume leads many to seek out professional resume writers for this task. In this article we’ll look at the pros and cons of using professional resume services. For the most part these resume writers are just that; professionals skilled at formatting your resume, crafting attention grabbing objective statements and tailoring your resume to fit the requirements of the position or job you are seeking

4 Reasons For Using Professional Resume Services

1. This might be your first resume, and you possibly dont know anyone skilled enough to assist you.

2. You may find yourself ‘left behind’ by technology, unsure of how to format your resume so that it translates well online.

3. Perhaps English is not your native language or your spelling and grammar leave a lot to be desired.

4. Resume writing companies have an extensive knowledge of the scanning software used by most companies in order to review resumes for relevant industry keywords. This ensures that your resume is included as an option for your potential employer.

Believe it or not there are actually no cons to using professional resume writers.

Use these 6 Steps to ensure you hire the best professional resume writer you can afford.


1. Make a point of speaking with or emailing the writer to determine how easily you can communicate your questions and concerns to do with composing your resume.

2. Insist on seeing some before and after resume samples and ask for relevant contactable references.

3. Be bold and question their writing process, their background, the editing process and what the expected turnaround time would be.

4. Never accept a draft as final until you are 100% sure that all discrepancies and formatting are to your satisfaction. If not ask the writer to make the necessary changes before accepting the final document.

5. As with any purchase it pays to shop-around, this way you can get a good feel as to the expected market related fee for using an executive resume service.

Look, the bottom line is that you need to be sure you can effectively and clearly communicate your questions, queries and requirements with the resume writer of your choice. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the agreement before proceeding. Trust and clear communication will ensure you a resume that gets you the job you want.

Find out all you can on how to hire professional resume writers effectively.

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