Some Very Important 2014 Trends in Social Media Marketing

If you provide social media services or manage it for your own business, then you need to know the upcoming trends. There’s no way that you can remain ignorant of the same. Staying upbeat, in other words is extremely important now because it is now a maturing medium.

Way back if you had a Twitter handle and / or an FB page you’d be having fun. It is no longer the same. It’s now no longer just play things, fun media to communicate and socialize. They are now proper marketing tools. It now means that processes and platforms need to be implemented, which means that it will efficient but even boring at times. And this also means that you will need to know the trends, some of which are –

Paid Likes, Pins and Ads

With big companies going public, it is now growingly important to pay for Facebook likes, self-serve ads for Twitter or the promoted pins for Pinterest. In other words SMM is no longer free if you want to do it on a large scale. It is instead now, paid. So, in other words, in 2014, paid marketing is going to be very popular.


Plan it now and plan it well. Like I already said, it’s no longer just about the Facebook and Twitter accounts. Your strategy has to be customized as the online complexity increases. Define goals, identify audience and allocate a budget to appropriate resources. And trust me, this not all. You have to plan it to the end. Of course, we know that no strategy is foolproof and needs to be constantly evaluated and redesigned.


Brands v/s Traditional Publishers

Everyone today is capable of self – publishing, what with the power, platform, tools and the outreach that social media platforms have given us. Brands, businesses, individual consultants are all realizing, that content publishing and social strategy have to go hand in hand and can be very synergistic and symbiotic to achieve the overall goal – branding and sales. It’s about also the power of global accessibility, which is very different from that of offline publishing. Crowd source marketing as a result is no longer an afterthought, but actually a norm. Further it’s the crowd that now decides what it wants to read rather than depending on what publishers will publish.

Visual is better

Visual content is a serious contender, especially in the context of SMM and SMO. This is because tabs and smartphones have a higher market penetration. It is also because high speed wireless networks are now available easily, thus making visuals convenient. Further, the data costs have reduced drastically as well and that means that now HD data can be uploaded for free or for lower costs in case of paid data uploading. The same applies to downloading of data on the end-user’s end as well. Talk about visual networks like Pinterest, Instagram Vine and the latest Shutterlock etc.

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